Car-free Sundays

Wake up before the sun rises. Check. Watch the sky turn pink while sipping some awesome coffee. Check. Take a long bus ride and see the city wake up. Check. Loiter around on the street and create some art. Check. I love it when a plan comes together! Car-free Sundays are held at Elliot’s Beach Road, Chennai, from…

Resolutions, anyone?

But you know what they say. Resolutions are meant to be broken and no, I haven’t kept any one. In any case, I shall be optimistic and keep my fingers crossed that I keep this one. Oh, and Happy New Year! (Created in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Resolved)

Rainy days singing Hello!

Well, Adele has been smashing world records with her wonderful ‘Hello‘. Meanwhile, some of us mere mortals have been cooped up at home thanks to some unprecedented rain this year, trying to find inspiration in the gloomy weather, and making time to do something else. So, here it is – the story of my weekend. *Plays ‘Hello’ on repeat,…


Where there is an ‘inside’, there has to be an ‘outside’. Life unfolds at the threshold between the two. Created in response for The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge: Transition

Out of reach

As the soft sounds remind of you of a city waking up from its stupor, a yellow sun disperses what remains of the early morning chill. Despite the early morning rush, stray sun rays find their way in the bus, lighting up everything in their path, bouncing off the bright blue clothes of the little ones, yellow light turning into blue. At times…


You know all those stereotypes about women being dramatic & men being, well, just men? Sometimes, things get a bit (…er….) dramatic and those stereotypes that you have tried so hard to dismiss just end up coming true. But with time, you learn to laugh at the whole absurdity of the situation and maybe even draw a comic or…

Reflecting on the power of place.

Thank you, for bringing fantasies to life. Today Nek Chand, creator of the iconoc Rock Garden of Chandigarh, passed away. Here is a blog post that I wrote up in the early days of 2013 on my impressions of the place: This blog post is about a place that actually taught me the following things about ‘beyond’…

(Satire) How to be a good driver in India

For me, commute equals buses. And between buses, there is also a lot of walking (and running and jumping and a whole other host of athletic stunts) involved. In some rare moments between hopping buses, dodging traffic, trying not to step on people’s toes and surviving to live another day, I find time to think how utterly inconsiderate some people…


  There is a moment in time, filled with fleeting happiness (or sadness), here or there, when you are young or old, that makes you realise nothing lasts for ever — all things are ephemeral. (For the weekly photo challenge)  

Between books

And that about sums up my weekend.   This post was inspired by Italo Calvino’s ‘If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler’, that incidentally I finished reading over the weekend. Cheers!