One wall, many lives.

Was feeling a bit meh (maybe because it is Monday?), browsing through my hard disk when I found this photo from last year. I had clicked this as I was passing by in a bus, in Guangzhou. It seemed poetic that each window was identical architecturally, but the view from each and the reflections they framed were different… probably like the lives of people living behind them. But I will never know that now, will I?

170313 - Windows on the wall


16 thoughts on “One wall, many lives.

  1. That thought rings a bell. Like how we see things and take them as we think rather than really understanding that the story could be entirely different. Congrats on being ‘discover-ed’. I am going to see you around šŸ™‚

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  2. I have often felt the same when I rattle past buildings on train journeys, specially at dusk. I suppose the fleeting glimpses make it all the more intriguing.
    You do write well. Glad to have come across your blog.

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