Constancy in a time of change


Chennai central 2015 (3)

Every once in a while, you leave work but somehow work doesn’t leave your thoughts. So you absentmindedly churn out to-do lists for the coming days, mechanically taking one step after another, switching buses and trains, walking by with the crowd, a little afraid of being overwhelmed in case you decide to pause and take a break.

But with every walking step, you begin to feel a little helpless, wondering whether you are on a lone boat without oars, on a river of change speeding you by distant shores filled with your memories, shores where you might find happiness should you but choose to dwell on them.

But just when all the world fades out of your thoughts and the idea of ‘you’ takes center stage, you pass through a place steeped in history, a place that has seen countless others like you passing through, a place that is constant, but constantly evolving, built around, painted over, a place that reminds you that even the river of change you might be in, is anchored by its constant banks.

And somehow, that knowledge grounds you, makes you smile. So you walk on into the future, all worry forgotten, optimistic in a time of change.

Every few years, the Chennai Central Railway Station, a heritage building in the Chennai from 1873, gets re-painted red. It always amazes me to see it then, an old building with a fresh cost of red paint, with parts of white primer still seen, waiting to be painted, continuing to serve the many commuters passing through it for years on end. With a metro station set to open in the coming years in the same vicinity, the place as such symbolizes change, but an optimistic one at that. More images, taken at different stages of the painting period, below.

(Written in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic).





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