Rainy days singing Hello!

Well, Adele has been smashing world records with her wonderful ‘Hello‘. Meanwhile, some of us mere mortals have been cooped up at home thanks to some unprecedented rain this year, trying to find inspiration in the gloomy weather, and making time to do something else. So, here it is – the story of my weekend. *Plays ‘Hello’ on repeat, again.*

p.s. What is it with pigeons anyway?

15111 - Pigeon & Adele

Oh, and before I forget, the cool folks at the Daily Post were asking for a post on ‘Bloggers Unplugged’. So I wrote this post up to talk about how I unplug — singing (*cough*), drawing into my sketchbook with a good old pencil (and then spending hours making it into a blog post), annoying the occasional pigeon, sketching their attitude, and thinking and over-thinking about my life. What about you?


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