(Satire) How to be a good driver in India

For me, commute equals buses. And between buses, there is also a lot of walking (and running and jumping and a whole other host of athletic stunts) involved. In some rare moments between hopping buses, dodging traffic, trying not to step on people’s toes and surviving to live another day, I find time to think how utterly inconsiderate some people (read ‘drivers’) are of others (read ‘pedestrians, bus-users and the like’).

Usually, I just end up thinking about the city government should do. Sometimes I try to stare down drivers (especially those driving on footpaths) and to shame them into improving their behaviour (Needless to say, I met with barely any success on this front. Although, I must mention this one time when I tried to stare a driver down, he took it to mean that I somehow knew him – a horribly embarrassing situation, which I only just managed to get out of, thanks to the surprisingly timely arrival of the bus).

But the last time this happened, I lost it. I was as mad as a hatter.

And I simply HAD to draw up some basics of “great” driving! Maybe not as dramatic a response, I admit. But hey, it was more productive use of my time than yelling, cursing and just generally ruining my own mood. Enough said.

This was inspired in part by the ‘How to be a bad-girl in India’ poster that was trending in social media a month or so ago, that was in turn a parody of school posters that appeared in classrooms across India in the 1980s and 1990s.


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