It is Monet’s birthday today

It is Claude Monet’s birthday today.

And that for me meant an early morning trip down memory lane to distant college days, where I studied art for a semester. It meant sitting in a dim classroom and thinking about Monet’s works, punctuated by rustling of leaves heard through the open windows. It meant going to the art section of Landmark, a local bookstore, and looking through books on Monet, never quite making up my mind to buy anything but just looking through and thinking. It meant spending countless more hours looking up Monet’s works on the internet. It meant dreaming of haystacks, thinking about parasols (What a beautiful word, no?). It meant looking at the world through impressionist eyes and seeing all the light and air come to life. And one day, it meant seeing the water lilies at Tate and just finding a moment of quiet in a crowd. And today, it meant waking up and writing a blog post off the top of my head to celebrate these many memories and looking forward for more to come.

So happy birthday Monet. Here is painting (oil on paper) that you inspired me to do all those years back – an impression of the Marina Waves, Kuwait. And here is to you getting me to pick up my paint brush again today.

Marina Waves


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