Silent conversations and ‘Crezy’ guys

The engines rumbled on against the constant sound of city life. And usually loud conversations punctuate it. But this time, it was silent; silent conversations between three students from a local school for the deaf. Silent but animated. It made me want to learn one more language.

I also wanted to help the ‘Crezy Guys’ spell basic English words correctly. They seem to be an interesting bunch – racers, ‘heart-stolers’ and innocent. I wonder how old they were… to come up with nicknames like that and to have the time to etch those names into the seats.


– as seen on 13 October 2014

Stories in Transit series is a documentation of life in public transport and is a result of observations made during many hours of commute in Chennai, India. It seeks to capture different stories that are brought out by a chance gathering of people in a transient, ever-changing environment, i.e. the bus. Read other posts in the ‘Stories in transit’ series here.


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