Drums, dancing feet & paint!

Dancing feet and a canvas

I had the opportunity of witnessing a live-painting session a couple of weeks back at the Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai, held as part of the South Indian Art Show.  Meant to explore the link between inspiration, painting, dance & music, it featured established artists from the city painting during a Thapattam performance (a folk dance form native to the  state of Tamil Nadu). I especially loved the informal setting of the whole event – a wonderful mix of sunlight, falling leaves, people and art. And working simultaneously with different media (photography & sketches) left me with different perspectives of the same event. Here are some photographs from the event and some sketchy sketches I managed to do in between!

p.s. I did have my misgivings when I bought a bright orange sketchbook, but it does add some (alarming) cheer to the whole sketch, doesn’t it?
Thapattai Lalit Kala (1) E Thapattai Lalit Kala (2) E

IMG_3947 IMG_3932 IMG_3931




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