ArtChennai 2014

Art Chennai is a series of events happening in the past two weeks here in Chennai. And I visited the photography exhibition at Elliot’s beach that features 2 exhibitions.

Nothing more interesting than some beach air, sand in your shoes, orange lights against a blue sky and some photographs half-buried in the sand. The best part? The purely ‘democratic’ nature of the exhibits, that were consciously located on the beach to allow access to everyone, in  true sense. The exhibits:

  • ‘Role models & power relations’: Refreshing, inspiring photographs that beautifully captured tensions that the minority ( in this case, the women and the LGBT community) experience in accessing public spaces.
  • ‘Vintage Vignettes’: A retrospective exhibition on Chennai. Interesting black & white photos as well as the recent images taken in the same location, juxtaposed against one another is plenty of food for thought!

Oh, and I also got to cat ch up on some ‘me’-time sketching the exhibits.


Sketching with a new-found companion (who sat with me through the sketch), the ever-present one (the moon) and a remnant of time(the fenced-off Schmidt memorial). Art Chennai panels are seen on the left.

Should you care to visit, the exhibits are on till this Sunday!


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