100 years on & still standing tall…

Lord Ripon. Viceroy of British India a long long time ago. A man who believed in self- governance. And who has lent his name to the building that houses the Corporation of Chennai – the oldest civic body (founded in 1688 AD) of the Common Wealth nations outside Britain.

Well here is a glimpse of the Ripon building, commissioned in 1913, currently in a state of disrepair due to the restoration works being carried out on it under the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission. I’ve also included 3 photographs of the building taken a few years ago –  in the hope that someday in the near future, it would be restored back to it original glory…Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “100 years on & still standing tall…

  1. Wow, looks regal! I’ve been going around my own country (Singapore) visiting historically-important places and buildings, most of them built while the country was still under British colonial rule. Until I saw this post, it never really occured to me that there are other countries with similar bits of old British architecture lying around, often in important city centres.
    I look forward to hearing of the completion of the restoration works!


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