“Let it be”

Life is spent in waiting – At a bus stop, at another bus stop, at a station, at a supermarket, waiting to meet a friend, waiting to make a friend, waiting for ‘the one’ (or the many ‘ones’..) etc etc…So much so that we forget to look around and see where we are at that point in time…and that point could be more complete in itself than we could’ve ever hoped for….

I found one of these moments while waiting for a bus late evening that made me go “Life’s gooood!”. What lead up to it? Well the sky was blue-black, the world hadn’t ended, I had a home to go to on my own planet and Terry McDermott had just sung ‘Let it be’  on the Voice….. So yup, all of a sudden the world didn’t seem to be plotting my ruin after all! Enough reasons to savour the moment….!

Of course, capturing this rather vague ‘happy(?)’ feeling in me was like trying to remember a dream…The more I tried the further it slipped away…Least I could do was capture the place that lead up to it. So here it is: Memories in the making – Waiting for a bus at Madhya Kailash

The wait


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