Stories from the Marina..encore..

And here it is! Part 2 of the stories from the glorious sandy stretches of Chennai! (Haven’t seen Part 1? Click here!)

Standing tall: The lighthouse, seen against a backdrop of housing boards colonies and other developments towards Santhome, with the florescent green plastic pot over a push cart in the foreground. (Pencil on paper, post-processing & colouring using Wacom)

Standing tall - Lighthouse at Marina

A break from work: Believe it or not, this was a real scene from the beach, where the “horse-man” (its amazing how better words just don’t come to your mind sometimes while writing) had decided to take a break for sipping a cup of tea while his horse looks on. I guess the crow too had decided to take a break from all that flying (Of course the signboard is my own addition. Creative license, that’s what I call it). (Pencil on paper, post-processing & colouring using Wacom)

Man, horse & crow

A case of “been there, done that”: As a kid (and as adults too), anything that designated as off-limits is pretty much the stuff one wants. Seen here is a little boy straining to break free of his mother, lured by the horse-guy (OK seriously, I need to find a better word). And the horse looks on, perhaps unaware that it is the center of so much heart break (and business).

Marina  (3)

Round and round we go: Im not sure why, but the sight of these merry go rounds and wooden horses make me sad – perhaps in memory of all the carefree childhood days gone by, long long ago…Gosh, I hate getting old!

Marina  (2)

White horse, green horse or a yellow horse?  Anyways, after all those rants, here is the last picture for this 2 – part series on Marina: Whether you want to see some horses (real or wooden), buildings or people; or just while away time by walking up and down a 2.5 km uninterrupted stretch of sandy goodness (I did that. Twice. And believe me, its one looong walk!), Marina is there to suit your every whim to make up for a great evening.

I could add more photographs and talk on with a glowing eye and an arched brow about the buildings that front this strip: The ice house, currently called the Vivekananda House (fascinating why it was called the “ice” house in the first place..), Queen Mary’s college, the Chepauk palace (beautiful Indo-sarcenic architecture!), the Presidency college campus buildings etc etc., but it is Sunday morning and I can already feel the laziness setting in and I have no intention of acting like a know-it-all today. So adios! And have a great weekend!

Marina  (1)


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