Life on the move

A quick glimpse of life within the MTC bus services (that is the Metropolitan Transport Corporation that runs public bus services in Chennai) – in which I spend quite a bit of time travelling in. The stories you can come across, the people you pass by, the conversations you subconsciously become a part of..all of these make public transport systems a world unto themselves!

Sketch 1: Reflected realities..reflected where, reflection of what…? Where the inside is morphed by what is outside…… (view from an AC bus service on a dark rainy evening)


Sketch 2: I was fascinated by the conductor’s cap : It said ‘fashion’ and the white edge at the bottom had text to the tune of ‘Indian sports’.…..unrelated themes of the same world…


And I just realised that I have dated the sketch wrong! D’oh! Also, I’m currently heavily influenced by Urban sketchers…so do bear with me! 🙂


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