“So renewal eh?” : Weekly photo challenge

I admit that on reading this week’s photo contest brief, the first thing that came into my (architecture – tuned) mind was urban renewal and all those projects that we had to read about back in college. At that time, some part of my brain commented “cliched and whatever!” to the said thought and decided to erase it off. And so my first take on renewal happened (And frankly I did not expect such a response from the WordPress community for that one pic! Once again thank you!!).

Anyways, it so happens that I had visited the Corporation of Chennai building last week and was totally wowed by all the buzz happening in that area. (Nothing new since I’ve always been wowed by that area…Ripon building with its beautiful white mass and the red brick Victoria memorial hall and Central station to compliment it, not to mention the never ending crowd of people moving between the 3 other suburban railway stations & bus stops feeding into that area. Add to this the construction of a mega infrastructure project like the metro, then it all becomes matter enough to excite my afore-mentioned architecture & urbanism-tuned mind). Its been many many years, yet my romance with this place never seems to end.

So yup, after agonizing with myself over whether I can actually put up 2 posts on the same topic and re-reading the weekly photo challenge page a couple of times for potential rules and kill-joys, I finally decided that a blog is all about sharing experiences & stories (Yes, I tend to over think at times. And yes, as I’m sure you have figured out by now, I grew up as a perfect school kid who always played by the rules…Ah the power of the “system”!). So here is another take on “renewal” in the urban sense : when the old is given a fresh lease of life by the new.

What do you think? Would love to hear your opinions! So don’t forget to leave a comment below!

Oh and before I sign off for today, just want to wish everyone a very happy Diwali! Let the fireworks begin! (Of course, my fireworks will mostly be in the form of light bursts from my camera flash! To each his own I guess!). Adieu!


2 thoughts on ““So renewal eh?” : Weekly photo challenge

  1. “I grew up as a perfect school kid who always played by the rules…Ah the power of the “system”!). ”

    I like your way of thinking!! The ‘System’, Oh yes! 😀

    I love your concept for the this weeks theme – a good interpretation!


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