Up is down… (or wherever you want it to be..)

“A thousand voices, amplified to a million more,

United in theory, yet screaming to be distinct for the heavens above..

Of music and songs, prayers and preaching,

Of the buses and trains, ferrying people to a distant dream..

To the cries of children and the sounds of play..

Life suspended in time, yet in constant motion…

The din of man and chaos below,

Yearning to reach the clarity of the skies above..

And a soul in between, a spectator in passing,

With a foot on the ground and an arm in the sky..

Unable to forget, the crude life beneath..

Yet unable to embrace, the promise of the world beyond..

For in a moment’s time, the sun may set..

And the promises of the ‘up’ may forever be dark..

While the world under my feet will light up for sure

And reveal colours not noticed before..

And then who is to say that I preferred the dark,

And gave her my life, forgetting the past?”


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